Supporters With a Club

Welcome home.

We’ve been patiently waiting for you.

On warm Thursday evening at a Tim Hortons Field, the club’s name, colour and badge were unveiled to all those in attendance.

Forge FC are the founding member of the Canadian Premier League.  The Battalion were invited to stand behind the stage in the north end and participate in the proceedings.

The Forge FC website has a breakdown of the logo details and inspiration used to create it.

We’ve begun placing our $50 memberships, which will be credited towards season’s tickets.  The club was gracious enough to grant us the first 75 membership placements.  If you haven’t put down your deposit, please hit up the website and come join us.  All are welcome.

The evening wrapped up at The Capitol Bar, for laughs, songs, beers and excitement.

Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming Battalion events.  Join us.