Battalion Charity Cup

Barton St. Battalion Charity Cup kicks off on the 18th of October, playing on the same pitch we will all be watching Forge FC, Tim Hortons Field. Teams from Niagara, Mississauga, Kitchener, Forge FC as well as our own Battalion will be competing to raise money for the brilliant Interval House of Hamilton, their mission being ”  Violence free lives for all women, children and communities”. Very pleased to say 100% of the money raised will be donated to them.

As for the format, an 8 team, 7v7 tournament, (including goalkeepers) where each team will play 3 x 20 minute games, plus a final will be played that evening. There will be 2 groups of four teams competing, the winner of each group advances to the final. The tournament is open to men and women. We request players be over the age of 16. There is no limit to the amount of players per team, (we would suggest 12 minimum) and the cost to each player per team is a minimum of $10. Some teams have amazingly committed to $20 per player. After all, it’s for a fantastic charity!

If you want to register to play for Barton St. Battalion, please add your contact details to our sign up sheet by using the link:  Our aim is to have at least two teams representing our Supporters Group. Skill level and fitness level are not a necessity! (*This signup form is not for other teams.*)

We are aware than many people might not have the opportunity to join in or attend, due to time or location, so we have also set up an online donations page

Please give any amount you can, it is more than greatly appreciated.

Let’s make this a great night of soccer under the floodlights, whilst raising  lots of money for a truly worthy cause!

As our group keeps growing, some questions keep appearing. Hopefully this helps.

Please contact us if you want to find out more about our supporters group – 

Battalion Pub Night – Aug 19th

Battalions! Pub night is back and we have a fun filled event in store. 

August 19th from 5pm.

This time on a Sunday evening (which hopefully works out best for the majority) at The Capitol Bar. There will be merch for sale, as well as some big news and plans to be announced, plus no doubt some reminiscing over the launch of our team Forge FC.

Bring your scarves, grab a drink and catch up with the first supporters group of CanPL and the loudest to launch a team.

If you are new to the group or looking to join this is the perfect way, come say hi, get to know the group and introduce yourselves as well as picking up a scarf. 

Hope everyone can make it, looking forward to seeing you all.

(**This pub night is an open event, please add yourself you the invited section of this event to this link**)


Supporters With a Club

Welcome home.

We’ve been patiently waiting for you.

On warm Thursday evening at a Tim Hortons Field, the club’s name, colour and badge were unveiled to all those in attendance.

Forge FC are the founding member of the Canadian Premier League.  The Battalion were invited to stand behind the stage in the north end and participate in the proceedings.

The Forge FC website has a breakdown of the logo details and inspiration used to create it.

We’ve begun placing our $50 memberships, which will be credited towards season’s tickets.  The club was gracious enough to grant us the first 75 membership placements.  If you haven’t put down your deposit, please hit up the website and come join us.  All are welcome.

The evening wrapped up at The Capitol Bar, for laughs, songs, beers and excitement.

Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming Battalion events.  Join us.

Launch Details

Battalions, some information ahead of our launch.

Gates officially open from 6pm, but we as a group can enter from 5pm onwards, at gate number 3. We will have a Battalion booth on the field, head to that as you enter.

Membership sign up for Barton St Battalion will happen between 5-6.30pm. It will be a $50 deposit by card. The membership number you recieve is your place in line when the team begins calling fans for the purchase of seasons tickets, i.e. member 57 is the 57th phone call the club make. A membership allows you to purchase multiple season tickets, so families etc will only need to pay one $50 deposit for one membership.

Our booth will have merchandise for sale, and it will also be where deposits are taken, by the club.

We as a group will all be invited on stage during launch, which starts at 7pm, so we will all need to be massed together prior, around 6.45.

After the event ends, we will all be heading to The Capitol Bar for drinks to celebrate.

Make sure to bring and wear your battalion scarves and any other gear you already own. We will have about 40-50 flags to wave, as well as drums, banners etc.

Hopefully this answers all questions, and again apologies for it being late notice. It is going to be a great day, it looks like a huge turnout. Hope everyone is just as excited. Soccer returns to Hamilton, and we will all be there to witness it.

Hamilton CanPL Launch

Thursday July 12th sees the moment all soccer fans in Hamilton have been waiting for, the launch of our very own team into the Canadian Premier League. The club name, colours and logo will all be revealed in what is certain to be the largest and loudest unveiling yet. Make sure you are a part of something special, and join in with the Barton St. Battalion as we witness the moment our city and soccer unite.

The event takes place at Tim Hortons Field.  and starts at 7pm, (with gates opening at 6pm). Tickets are currently available by clicking this link. The Battalion will have a booth on the field, where we will have scarves and other merchandise available, as well as more information on the group. Make sure to find us before the event begins, as we will be making our presence felt with flags, banners and drums. After all, it’s party time. 

The Ambitious City is about to embrace soccer, be with us as we welcome it to Hamilton.

Battalion Bash – Launch Planning July 5th


After 2 and a half years of being a supporters group without a team, mid July will see that all change. So excited to finally say that in a few shorts weeks we will know the team name, crest and colours, and be a part of the creation of this club during its launch into the Canadian Premier League.

On July 5th (Thursday evening) there will be a pub night shortly before launch, where we want to talk plans with the group, and let everyone know our involvement with the club and their proposals for including us for the big day, to throw around ideas for the event, discuss where in the stadium we plan to chose as our home, and a few other bits of information.

The Capitol Bar will play host again, it’s fast becoming a perfect venue for us. Bring your scarf, bring your voice, have a drink, bring your soccer obsessed friends, as it will be the last chance to say ‘I was here before we had a team’. 

This is an open invite, please add yourself to the facebook event link. If you have not attended an event before, this is the perfect time. All are welcome.

It’s finally here, Hamilton and soccer, a professional team to call our own, and its going to be glorious! ⚒️

Stadium Filming, Colours and The Capitol Bar

Hamilton CanPL launch is coming up soon, and this Thursday (june 14th) the team have asked all group members to come down for an hour while they film some footage for the launch. We will find out the teams colours. Afterward there will be drinks at The Capitol Bar where we will discuss with the team specific points for the group like supporters section location. Filming will start at 7pm. This is an open invite to all Battalion group members. For more information please visit our facebook event

Bring your Battalion gear, come get a beer on the Hamilton team, and be a part of the creation of this club!

Battalion Meet-Up May 24th

This Thursday May 24th, we are having probably our most important meet up to date. Believe me when I say there is a LOT of big things to cover, so if you can, please come and join us. This time it will be held at The Capitol Bar (973 King St E), a venue we intend to use just prior to kick off for the Canada v Germany game next month, so it seems apt to get to know the place. There will be an email coming out shortly, but the majority of information will be during the meet-up on Thursday. So bring your scarf, have a pint, and help shape what is going to be an exciting few weeks moving forward.